Pete VanDusen Named Cleveland Deputy Fire Chief

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cleveland Fire Chief Ron Harrison selected Pete VanDusen as the Cleveland Fire Department’s Deputy Fire Chief. 
"Pete is excited to accept the challenges and responsibilities that accompany his new position. He is responsible for the Operations Division of the department and works closely with the battalion chiefs to better manage stations, assignments and training for the department.
"He will also assist Fire Chief Ron Harrison with the successful addition and implementation of Fire Station #6, at Westland Drive, which includes 12 newly hired firefighters," officials said.
VanDusen’s primary goals are to help improve the department’s service delivery and advance the city’s ISO rating of 3 to an ISO rating of 2. A better ISO rating can help reduce homeowners’ insurance costs.
Deputy Chief VanDusen began his career with the City of Cleveland as a firefighter. He also served as a driver for Engine Company 2 and was a lieutenant for Engine Company 4. In 2014, he was promoted to captain and oversaw the department’s training programs.  
He attended Chattanooga State Community College, where he received his associates degree in fire science and received his bachelor of science degree in management excellence from Tennessee Wesleyan University.

"Pete is a dedicated employee and has served the Cleveland Fire Department for approximately 20 years," officials said.
Deputy Chief VanDusen is married to Kim Van Dusen and they have two children, Nichole, 17, and Christian, 16. Both children attend Walker Valley High School.

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